Saturday, January 30, 2010


So.. Pandora is fabulous. If you haven't gotten into it.. YOU BETTER! It's fantabulous and can keep you entertained and happy for hours. My goodness is it amazing.
Today was boring.. I played Dragon age. I"m fallin in love with Zevran this time. :D. he had a rough life. Poor guy.
Last night I watched Carsten.. did I say that.. My sister got in a fight... Le sigh.
I have a lot to say on that subject but I won't.
Pandora is saving my life right now.. :D.
I don't really feel like writing much anymore.. I love you..

<3 Katie Wan.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Punch A Baby.

I am oh so very sick of losing friends.. I've been doing the same thing over and over and over again. I've made a plan. I"m going to go to BYU and get married.. then I won't have to deal with having friends ever again. My friends will be my family. GRRRRRRRRRR. I hate people sometimes.
Anyways! Today my dad and I tried to cook dinner.. we smoked up the house.. we burnt a potato.. Basically we shouldnt' be allowed to cook anymore. IT was pretty funny though. I smell like smoke along with the rest of the house. I picked up Jake and he looks at me all weird like i've been smoking.. I was like.. we burnt the potatoes. hehe. IT was funny.
I watched the babies tonight. Although Carsten was the only one awake. He and I watched LIFE-SIZE.. remember that movie? the one where Tyra Banks is a barbie that comes to life. I miss the 90's.. grr. Uhmm. I"m not in a very good mood and I probably won't be for awhile. IDK. I"m just sick of how my life is going I guess. I need a change. Hmmph.
Oh and i'm sick of people on Facebook with relationship drama.. They need to just shut up. I mean.. If you're a senior in high school and still doing that.. then really you have bigger problems than just your relationship. I"m just on one tonight. I don't really care for people's feelings anymore. Everyone else seems to just stomp on mine why should I care for theirs? Probably because i'm a nice person and care about my friends and their feelings..
I mean.. If I TRY to have a conversation with you then try and have one back.. I sit at home all day. The only person I have to talk to is my mom and she gets sick of me and reads a book while I try and talk to her.. Basically I talk to my dog all day long.. Then I get on here.. and really this isn't socialization.. Have you ever played the sims? Well if you have a family friend you must keep in contact with them in order to keep them as a friend. If not they yell at you and tell you to get lost.. basically. I think that's what i'm doing.. If you want to talk to me then YOU talk to me..

I wish Patrick Wilson was here.. I'd make him sing to me.. Over and Over again.. I'm simulating it by listening to All I Ask Of You over and over again. :D. I'm a weirdo.. I socialize myself by listening to people sing and imagining their here. Well.. I'm ticked.. My family is awesome and I wouldn't trade them. good thing I have them or else I would've died long ago.. I probably would've died in a house fire.. hehe.

I love you all.. Kinda.. not so much today.. So.. I love some of you today. :D

<3 Katie Wan.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My goodness did I not write in this or what?
I feel like such a bad person. haha. You haven't missed much though. I think I'm going to start writing a short story.. it will be a sort of screwed up fairy tale. Kind of like Enchanted but backwards and different.. haha. Kinda.. Princesses Princes.. You know the whole shabang. Love.. magic carpets.. why not have a magic carpet? haha.
Anyways I took carsten shopping on Tuesday. WE went and bought stuff for church on sunday and we bought food.. and we bought FIIIIISHES! I think it was the most fun i've ever had. The fish were so awesome. I've also decided that for school i'm going to get a small aquarium and have two fishies in them. If I can.. of course. Hmm. I need to find someone who lives in the dorms at BYU.. Maybe they will be able to answer my question. anyways I want to get a salt water tank and get like a nemo or something. If I did get a clown fish guess what I would name it... Nemo. haha. I'm so creative.
Today Alex was in town and my good friend Jonathon Hunter was also in town. The three of us hung out. We ate a really big piece of pie. We drove around then played rock band. It wasn't very eventful but it was fun to hang with them again. I sure do love those boys. Le sigh. Robbie even called today. My day was filled with my favorite boys. Yay! haha.
Uhmm. Not having milk is kinda sucking.. I mean how the heck am i supposed to eat cereal? I don't really wake up in time for breakfast.. only like once a week. So I guess once a week won't kill me. haha.
Well anyways.. There's a short story coming out soon. I hope. How long should a short story be? Short.. idk. I'm confused.. Well anyways.

I love you all.
<3 Katie Wan.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nose Flute..

I want to start a band of nose flutes.. how epic would that be? anyyyyways.

Medical Update: I'm allergic to milk awesome huh? I'm so excited about it! Blah. i love milk so much i'm so upset. ANYWAYS!

today HHS was in a lock down because the IHOP next to the school was robbed and the gay was ont he loose. Jake was stuck in class forever. It was pretty awesome and i'm all sorts of jealous. Nothing cool like that happened to me. Dang kid.

I watched Carsten, Addison, and London today. :|.. They really are a handful all together. My goodness. I get to watch them again on thursday too! OH yay. I think tomorrow Carsten and I will run errands. That will be all sorts of fun for us. I think i'm going to just keep him forever. hehe. :D. I"m a bad person.

That's basically it. My mom and I bought 350 cookies today. that was so much fun. Yeaaah! heheh. WEll that's basically all I have to say tonight.

I love you all.
<3 Katie Wan.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Where have I been?
haha. I don't even know. Life has been pretty uneventful. Saturday I did nothing.. I went shopping with my mom. Yay. That was the extent of the day.
Sunday today I went to church. I sang and I subbed for primary again. It was a lot of fun. I get to do it again next week. :D. Carsten was bunches of fun today. I always enjoy hanging out with him. I think tomorrow he and I will pick out some fish for the tank.
Did I mention jake and I names our car.. Jake believe's the car's a girl and I told him it's a boy.. so we decided on the car being a drag queen. It's name is Glitter Starshine. :D Just so you all know.

Well that's basically all I have to say. I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh goodness.

So.. today I went to the movies. I took carsten to see The princess and the frog.. or whatever it's called. I LOOOOVED it. I was quite happy with it. I recommend everyone seeing it. At first i thought I was going to hate it.. but then I saw it and was like.. this is the best movie ever.. and that prince.. holy geeze. He's my new cartoon crush. :D Peace out Alladin.
Going with carsten was fun. He yelled at some people in front of us to sit down after they had taken a bathroom break. How embarassing. hehe. He's the cutest little thing ever. I"m very happy that he actually likes to sit close to me now. When he was younger he never was a cuddler. He really just stayed away from people. Now, he cuddles. :D. I think i'm the only one he'll cudle with.. but i'm totally alright with that.
I"m having troubles typing tonight so I apologize now.
I also saw 2012 today. It was an alright movie. Totally not correct or anything.. and freaking the hot pilot guy died.. If there's anyone I want to help in reproducing for the new generation it would be him.. I'd have 100 of his babies.. :S. but he died.. jsut so you know before hand.. he dies.

Medical update: yay. Today my stomach doesn't hurt as bad. Last night it got pretty bad. Although I think someone punched my ribs last night while I was sleeping.. it kinda hurts. It's actually quite funny. My purifier is helping slightly. I'm just sick of people telling me it's in my head.. blah blah blah.. I know what's in my head.. and this isn't.. this is pain.. Graaawr.
I really just need to move out. I love my family.. but somedays I feel like i'm suffocating.. Idk.. It's just time to get out on my own. :/ I'm sure i'll miss it here the second I move out.. hehe. but for now.. that's what I need.

I'm going to start the third book in the next few days. Probably tomorrow since i have no life at all. I know what you're thinking. "Katie you just finished the second.." I know.. but I must get the full story out before I can go all the way back and start over. Of course i continue to edit throughout my writing and what not.. but I have to completely clear my mind.. I'm very strange. I know.. trust me.

Anyways.. recap for today.. I love Carsten and he's basically the reason I breath.. My stomach didn't hurt so bad today. I'm really tired and continue to stay up. I'll sleep in until late in the afternoon tomorrow so no worries. oh btw I love muse.
I learned Bar on A by Greg Holden.. Fabulous.

Okay i'm done..
I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Thursday! OH yay.. not really.
Today I was sick.. big surprise. We're taking out dairy from my diet to see if maybe i'm allergic to it. I got a new air purifier which is helping a little.. It will take awhile before fully kicking in. My stomcah hurts today.. It's like spasming and heaving.. it's quite gross and I don't like it. I also keep getting really hot then really cold.. I don't know. Perhaps this daily blog will turn into a medical journal. :S

Well despite being sick I went to Jen's acoustic show that she was putting on. It was lots of fun. It's nice to see the talent in IF. Jen's song was amazing and I was very very proud. She did wonderful. She and andrew were my favorite I think. Although everyone did very well.

I spent about 2 hours curling my hair today. It ended up being way cute.. I thought. idk what other people thought. They probably thought I was nuts. :S

That's like the side of it.. I didn't really get a picture of the WHOLE thing... But yeah.. I was pretty proud.

Well I think i'm going to idk.. find something to do or go to bed..
I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Kill..

Well today I beat Dragon Age. Allistair and I got married. YAY! I love him oh so very much.
I seriously think i'm dying.. I mean we all kind of are.. but I'm beginning to think that i'm going to die earlier than most. I'm always sick. I can't really remember a time where I felt completely well. :S. I mean not ever! People always say,k mainly the parents,"It's because you don't get enough exercise." Even when I did get enough.. and more than I should've I didn't even feel good then. I'm pretty positive that I have some immune system thing.. Anyways.. I just wish I could feel better.. but that won't happen. I"m doomed to be sick for the rest of my life.. How am I ever going to have babies? that will put so much stress on my body that I'll completely break out in shingles all over my body..
Speaking of shingles they hurt up to a year after you get them.. just so you know.. and guess what.. THEY EFFING DO!
Lets just say i'm not very happy about my body.. although the past few days it seems i've been losing lots of weight.. which probably isn't such a good thing.. but hey skinny's good isn't it? Probably not when you die from it.
But no worries I won't die. I'm really pale though and I have dark circles under my eyes.. Oh and the cool red rings around your eye lids.. mm I look like a crack addict.
I watched Craig Ferguson tonight. I love him he's so funny.
But basically today wasn't so bad. Carsten TOOOOTALLY made my day. He called me on the phone and wanted to hang out.. :D. Maybe i'll take him out friday or something. I love that little goober baby. Have I ever told you that he's the reason i'm alive today? I'm basically sure of that. That little guy saved my life.
He's my little superhero.. he saves me from the monsters.. he's my lion and i'm his polar bear.. even though I drop stuff on his head.. which actually didn't end up too bad. :S.. I'm a bad aunt. hehe.

Well, I can't sleep when i'm sick so i'm going to be.. idk study something. Hmmph.
Tomorrow is Jen's acoustic show.. I'm so excited. woot woot.
Well I love you all. Sleep well my loves.

<3 Katie Wan.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Bad Katie..

I'm tired and I stayed up waaaay to late playing Dragon Age.. Best game ever btw. :D

Uhm.. I watched carsten today and he got hurt.. Pretty sure he has a black eye by now. :S.. My bad. Hey for all the times of watching him he's only been hurt once. I must say i'm pretty dang good. :D
I love him.. he's the best thing ever btw..
Alright i'm going to check my farm on Farmville and go to bed.. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.. but I doubt it. :D

Love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Nothing much happened after my last post.
Right now i'm completely bored. I like to take a break from all stories after finishing a big project. It's a time for me to refresh my brain.
So tonight we had a birthday party for my grandma! yay grandma!Happy birthday! It was fun. Only Zach and Carsten came over cause everyone else was sick. Carsten was a goof ball as always. i love that little kid he's probably the best thing to happen ont his earth.. I think i'm going to put him in my next book. :D Look for him. I'll make it quite obvious. Little goober.

The days been good. So i'm hungry.. Awesome. :D.
I think i'm going to.. idk I have nothing to do anymore. I'm so boring. :D

I love you all.
Sleep well.

<3 Katie Wan.

My Bad..

So I totally like.. skipped out on yesterday. but I have a good excuse.. writing. haha.
As of like 20 minutes ago I finished the second book in my TRILOGY! That's right it will be a trilogy. :D haha. Yay pants.
Uhmm. So last night was spent writing writing and writing. I'm very very excited for finishing it.
I'm hoping that I can finish the third very soon also. Hopefully by the end of the year. :D.
Anways that's basically all that happened. Yesterday Carsten told me he wanted his dady to go to chruch which him.. sad.
I got to lead the music again in Primary which was lots of fun. They're so cute. They also gave me a calling as the Ward Choir director. :O that oughta be very interesting. I aleady have an idea for the easter song. hopefully I can make it come out the way i want.
tonight is my grandma's birthday party. :D. Yay. I got her a cute present that hopefully she likes. :S.
Uhmm. have you seen those posters at seagull book of the BOM heroes.. *fan my face* Hot! Of course the old guys like moses.. not so much. But Nephi.. you lookin fine. haha. I think my fav one was of Enos.. mm. We be tight. they didn't have the poster there so I was a little upset. I'll have to go back later and get one so I can bring it to school. hahaha. Well i'll probably write another one tonight considering I messed up.. It' snot like anyone reads this anyways.. but whatever.. it's for me right?

well I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What you've been waiting for..

So I guess in england the cool thing to do is beat each other? idk according to the movie I jus watched.

So, Stephanie Meyer and Twilight Rant:

I"m not going to deny that at first I was a fan of twilight. That was when I was like 15. After gaining a few more years of knowledge i've soon realized my mistake in this.
Firstly the book is written quite badly. I'm not saying that i'm a genius writer or anything.. but really.. Through a lot of it I found myself incredibly bored. A lot of the book is talking about Bella's feelings. I get very tired hearing about that. A book needs action and excitement. If not, then well i'm bored already.
Second: sure it's wonderful to have a guy care about you as much as Jacob and Edward care for Bella.. but what the eff creeepy town man. If someone watches you sleep or change (in secret) It's not love.. that's stalking. So if someone sits outside your window and watches you 24/7.. you should probably call the police and not let him bite you.. There are too many girls who look at it and say that's okay for men to watch me change and be completely protective over me.
No that is not okay.. NO gay potato you can't do that! (ask me later) Girls men who control every aspect of your life is not a good guy. A couple times Edward scared the crap out of me in the books. I was always worried that he'd get a little too upset. :S. But then he'd kill bella so i'd just be like.. okay. wow that sentence sucked.
I hope you all know that my writing isn't like my blogs.. My speech sure is though. :D.
Edward you are a creepy stalker and I wouldn't let you come near me.
Jacob you are like 15 and jailbait.. DON'T DATE PEOPLE UNER 16 IT'S CREEEEEPY! (of course unless you're under 18)
The fourth book of the saga is completely awful. It was SOOOO boring I almost shot myself.

Now Stephanie Meyer,
How could you ever let someone take a book you worked on for so long and completely tear it apart on screen? I mean, you can't actually think those movies are good. My gosh they are awful. In new moon I almost threw up like 4 times from cheesyness. If my books were ever made into movies I would make sure I had complete creative rights. I don't care what it would take. My own money? sure why not. I will make sure that my movie portrays the book. I think that if i ever had someone do mine it would be Peter Jackson. He's big in letting the real story come through.. but i'm not a fan of all New zealand or australian actors.. but it's okay.. I love Peter Jackson and his movies. and the people that work with him. Okay getting off subject. STephanie meyer your best bet is to completely pull your rights from the movies. Just spend more money on it and get real actors.. that'd be a good thing.. real actors are always nice.
My goodness. I feel a little better. Of course there will always be more to say. I'm sure that if it came up in discussion I could go off on it for hours.
If you read my books if you ever compare them to Twilight I WILL kill you. STab me in the throat.. gah.
I will continue to go to all the premieres because well.. the people are absoloutely ridiculous. This year we are going wear Team Jacob shirts with my little brother jakes' face on it. :D I"m totally on his side. He's not a vampire or a Werewolf.. can we even call them werewolves.. gah. The emotional wolves Organization.. EMO.. hahahahaha. Wow that's funny. Well, I enjoy myself too much.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed this. I'm sure we'll have another rant blog sometime in the future. :D

I love you all. :D
Sleep tight my little munchkins.

<3 Katie Wan.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sure thing!

I'm a little too tired to rant on stephanie meyer tonight.. so in that case..
this will be short again.
Books going well yet again.
Had a great time with friends tongiht.
i'm really excited for pictuers tomorrow
I think i'm getting sick (Shocker)
My life is boring and I have nothing to do. :D

I love you all have a good night.

<3 Katie Wan.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

True Love's Kiss..

It seems to me that I haven't posted enough about it? well here i'm going to try and get it all out in one blog.. (will that ever happen? probably not) I will continue to bore you all with it until my death. :D
Writing is my passion it is my love and I would be nowhere without it. At first I though perhaps music would be my passion. Then maybe dance. or perhaps maybe art (which I suck at). All my life i've known that I was creative. I knew that I would spend my life making something out of nothing but the pure juices inside my brain.
After reading the Twilight saga many years back I remember thinking. I enjoy telling stories and I love hearing stories all around me. The main thing I like about a book/anything is a good story. Characters that really bring home the message. That is what i'm all about. Of course Twilight didn't have any of that.. so don't be spreading rumors that I was inspired by Twilight.. well perhaps I was.. I was inspired to write something better that would educate people more than anything. I've wanted my stories out there and filling the minds of people.
I"ve always had stories in my head. There were always situations or encounters I would come up with and morph and create into something I could play off of. So after reading the Twilight saga I finally said to my best friend (Alex Knudsen LYLY) I"m going to write a book and i'll kinda make it about my life.
He said I had to put him in there (of course I was going to he's a huge part of my life)So I did. The story I'm sure was not wonderful! but it was good and he and I enjoyed writing it together. That's when I realized hey.. maybe I could do this more often.
Another thing you must know is I write about controversial subjects and I don't really care. I write what I write and i love it. If people can't respect that then.. poo on them. I've truly found what makes me happy and most of them can't say that..
So anyways.. I started writing my next book about a boy who falls in love with his math teacher. Alex was my first fan. (I handwrote everything) we would pass my notebook back and forth. He would come over all the time and watch tv as I sat and wrote next to him. (Alex.. geeze I love you. I mean who else would do that? BFF)
My writing never really stopped after that. It was about that time that I started on my favorite (the one i've been working on now) Silver Lining is the name. At first it was just my super hero story. The one that I went to when I couldn't write anything else.
I decided in that one that I would just put everything I loved about superheroes and my gay friends and bunch it all together to form one giant story. AS the months went on I realized.. holy crap I like this story and you know what, it's pretty dang good. Perhaps I just hold my work on a giant pedestal but I really like it and I know at least 2 people who do too. hehe. :D Quartney and Jen. :D. (LYboth)
So this book, I started forming it and forming it. After awhile I put it away and worked on other things. I picked it up once more when Jen started reading my stories. After she read it I decided I would change some of it.. So I got the lap top :D yay my baby. I started typing away. I sat in my basement for like two weeks and just wrote. Occasionally I did my homework but mostly I was dedicated to writing. I changed a few names (which was crazy hard for awhile I kept forgetting I had done it.) and I added a few new characters.
Since then I haven't stopped working on it. When the first was finished I missed it so much I started on a second. With that almost finished i've started thinking about the third. I'm really excited for the third.
so anyways.. I love writing and I can't see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life. Without writing I would completely explode.. like really.. it'd be cool though. hmm.
You know what else I would explode without? Jen. She's been my main source for writing for a long time. Every sentence I write I write for her. I always hope that she enjoys it because I don't want to bore her to death. I'd feel really bad. It's hard to describe in words how much she's really done for me.. alright touching music came on right as I wrote that.. How.. creepy. :D Anyways. Jen's my rock and I would die without her. If I ever become famous she's totally coming to all the famous parties in LA or wherever.. and she's totally gonna help me pimp slap Stephanie meyer. Stephanie meyer and twilight is a whole nother blog.. Perhaps tomorrow? Oh goodness. Back to what I was saying. Jen, I love you. you've probably read all this haven't you? bet you have. Oh and she prefers me to hand write.. wtf? Crazy girl. I love her though. We get to watch LOTR tomorrow. Maybe Steven will come.. I miss my friends. :(. Jen sorry.. I keep getting off subject. YOu know how I am. Thanks for sticking with me even though i'm frustrating. You're my BFF and instead of muse you get to inspire my books.. and my books are cooler than Twilight.. so technically you're cooler than Muse.. I'll leave it at that.

Finally she's done right? If you read this.. Bravo. You put up with my mumbo jumbo for this long.. You must really like me. :D haha.

Well I hope that somehow you can see a little better into my mind. I hope that someday if I publish my book you can say you read this before anyone else and that you knew me before I was famous. I won't deny it. If I become a millionaire I will pay each of my followers on this day $500.. sound good?

Well I hope you all sleep well. I know I will. Although the weird sound is back.. mm Pudding.


<3 Katie Wan.

(PS: What's with the Title ^^.. I think I was on crack when I wrote it. :S)

To the point..

Short and sweet..
Jakes band concert was way awesome.
Tyler has to go to Haiti to help in the rescue efforts.
There's a strange sound in my house that's creeping me out.
I need to move out because I need to feel and be treated like an adult.
Finally the book is coming along quite wonderfully.

I love you all.
Sleep well.
<3 Katie Wan.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Another uneventful day. Is it really Tuesday already? Geeze time flies.
I've spent the day writing. It's been truly wonderful. I'm getting very close to the end of the book. Everything is playing out quite nicely. It's already longer than the first. I belive i'm at 156 pages now.. Hmm. Something like that. I'm very proud of what I have accomplished.
Jen and I discovered that you can drag and drop pictures in MSN messenger.. we used that a lot today. hehe. :D. I showed her the whole cast of my book. :D. Yeah i'm so obsessed that I cast my book.. my make believe movie of my book. hehe. :D oh wow.
Well i've just established that I am a HUUUUUGE nerd.
That's alright though. I've been one all my life hasn't stopped me yet. :)

Well I hope everyone had a lovely day.
I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sing Like You Think No One's Listening...

OH monday. I'm sorry to all of you that had to start school today. That really sucks.. for you. hehe. :D
I went to ISU today to get my check.. Cashier wasn't there. I"m really really sick of ISU..
I got my house today for school. I live in the ricks building down in Rexburg. :D yay sauce. I"m really excited to get down there and get my life started. I'm tired of just sitting around and doing nothing.. Although i'm not doing nothing..
Writing is what i'm doing.
Although I want to get out and spread my wings.. Not HAVE to do anything but choose it on my own free will. No one telling me what to do. That will be quite nice. :D.
Writing is going quite well actually. I'm nearing the end of the sequel. I'm a little sad because I don't know if i'm seeing a third book. I"m trying to make the way for one.. (I've always been a fan of trilogy's) I'm sure that someday in the shower I will have another epiphany and be able to create another masterpiece.
I think perhaps I think to highly of myself and my work? hmm. It's okay to be proud every once and awhile right? I think so.

I hope you all have a good night. I will be up half the night writing. and I will sleep until I FEEL LIKE IT! Grr. Yet again.. that's why I need to live in my own place..

I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I got on here quite early. I figured nothing exciting would happen in the next few hours so I would get on now.
Today was church and it was quite fun. My mom had a job to do so my dad and I got to watch Carsten. hehe. He wasn't too bad. Then I went into primary and conducted for the kids. It was a blast I really love them. I'm excited for the future when I get to teach kids.
Well tonight I though I would share my love for something.. that something is a someone.. Oh Jen knows how much love I have for this guy.. here he is..

His name is Jon Wolfe Nelson. He's probably the most attractive man on the planet.. The reason for the random post? I was once agian looking at pictures of him and well I thought I would share my love.
so anyways he's an ASL interpreter which is pretty much the bomb diggity. He is also an Actor. Anyways if I were to ever make my book into a movie this guy would play one of the main parts [Rylan].. He basically looks exactly like what I see in my head. It's pretty crazy because I didn't even know aobut him before I started writing..
Well, I hope you enjoyed the post tonight. and I really hope that you've fallen in love with him as much as I have. :D.

Sleep well tonight my lovelies. :D

<3 Katie Wan

Blow my mind..

I have trouble writing before midnight. I just don't think about it until it's too late. :D
Today I watched my nephew and Nieces. They sure are cute, especially when they're sleeping.
I've started my adventure in drawing. right now i'm mainly just copying and adding a few details here and there. I spent an hour sharpening colored pencils. It was lots of fun.. [sarcasm] My thumb is rather sore from spinning the stupid sharpener around. [yes it was a hand pumped on.. not and electric] My mom says there's a whole nother box.. Yay. maybe i'll do that tomorrow. :D.
Last night I found a video of someone playing the guitar on their Iphone.. holy geeze. I'm amazed.. I'm probably the last person in the world to realize they had that.. is shows you how behind times I am. I mean I wrote my books in notebooks for almost three years before I actually started typing them.
Anyways.. speaking of writing.. that's all I ever seem to talk about. I'm quite happy with where it's going and i'm become completely enthralled. I want nothing more but to sit in my pajamas and write all day. That's basically what I do anyways.. :D. Sorry if for the next little while I become a little distant.. I'm really really obsessed witht his. Ask Jen.. it's all I ever talk about. She's probably sick of it.
Uhmmm. Does anyone know a cool place to take pictures? I need to find some.. for pictures.. for people. hahaha. Yay

Well that was my day. I hope you are all sleeping well. Have a nice sunday tomorrow.

<3 Katie Wan.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Tale as old as time...

Today Jen came over and we watche my production of Beauty and the Beast. At the end we decided Belle is really her.. Story of her life.. :D. She's fabulous.
Second: My dad was quite creepy in the play {which was good cause he was the bad guy.. good job dad!!}
and Lastly: We are positively in love with Chris Brunt [the beast]'s voice. He is fantabulous. Yup that's right.. FANTABULOUS.
I thought you all should know the excitement from the evening.

Be safe. Sleep Well. I love you.

<3 Katie Wan.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

La La la

I noticed today that when I wear my robe and big fuzzy slippers I look like the broken hearted girl in every romantic comedy.. :D..
I played Sims and Dragon Age today.. Allistair loves me.. :D woot face.
Basically I have no life and that's okay. Jake's shingles are getting better. Yay for him. Basically I have a very boring life filled with video games.
I should get some writing done before I actually go to sleep. So I will make this post tonight very short.

Sleep Well. I love you.

<3 Katie Wan

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A real life post.

I hate when this happens.. when things come between my friends and I.. My best friends. You would think that somehow I would be able to get over myself and just let them do as they please.. But no. I have a problem and that is trying to run my friends lives. I guess i'm sort of a contorl freak. Sometimes that can be a good thing. But when you start interfering with others lives that's where it gets bad. That happens to me all to often. I guess really I should learn that people are people and constantly they will disappoint me. I will lose people no matter how hard I try to keep them. Life continues to move whether I want to or not.
This isn't such a big deal.. more of just a brief moment of annoyance. I found myself sitting at home all day playing video games and only talking to three people all day.. [my family.]
Anyways.. Life's moving on.. I can't help it and you can't either. :D. I guess we'll all just have to hop on and enjoy the ride.

Have a good night. Sleep well. I Love you all.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I have addiction..

And that would be Video games. They are quite fun and I enjoyed playing them today. Robbie came over and we hung out. I sure have missed him.
Tomorrow I might be going to Pocatello.. but we found out that Jake has shingles.. poor thing. So if he stays home I might stay home with him. Shingles suck.. Luckily for him though he didn't get the pain aspect like I got when I had them. If you got the swine flu you should probably watch out for Shingles.. like no joke. People who got the swine flu are getting shingles.
Anwyays.. I'm watching some cheesy BBC series.. I sure do love them. I've been a sucker for old english romance crap. hehe. Maybe i'll write one of those books.. DOUBT IT! I don't understand a thing they say. :D
I finished editing last night and I must say.. Bravo to myself. I am quite proud of it. Ooh.. that guys cute.. Sorry i'm in between watching the series and writing this.. Uhmm. Random side bar.
I continued writing the sequel to my book today. Editing the first really gave me a boost in my writing. I was feeling a little tug of writers block.. BUT I refuse to believe in writers block.. SOO that wasn't what it was.

Anyways I hope you all had a wonderful day. I will be back tomorrow.. I love you all. Sleep well and be safe.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Manic Monday.

Today was a monday. Yay!
Nothing extra special happened today. Mainly I layed around and played the sims. My family and I had FHE together. We went shopping and got ice cream. That's where I saw jeff for the last time. :(. Jeff is leaving for boot camp. He has joined the Navy. Yay Jeff. He will have lots of fun. teehee. Probably not so much, but afterwards it will be worth it.
Tomorrow Robbie and I are going to hang out so hopefully I will have a lot more to talk about. I missed him while he was gone. :D. Anyways i'm not going to bore you with my lack of an exciting day.
I have a lot of editing to do still but the book is coming along nicely. Perhaps when i'm done I will continue writing the sequel. I've sorta stopped with all the holiday festivities and editing. :D.
I hope you all had a wonderful day back at work and school. I know I did. :D
I love you all. Stay safe on those ridiculous roads.

<3 Katie Wan.

Sunday Sunday Sunday.

I guess that I should actually look at the time before I do these. To me it is still Sunday, but according to the clock it is actually monday. I apologize I will make sure to pay more attention as the days go on. ;).
Tyler left today which was pretty sad. It was nice knowing that it was the last time. Perhaps in July I will be driving back from North Carolina with him. That would be the most epic road trip ever.
We took Carsten to church today where he head butted me about 12 times in the face. Then he escaped from Sunbeams only to be found by someone in the building and brought to me.. What a goof ball. :D. He's hard not to love.
Today was pretty uneventful. I did some editing and played on the sims. One of my ladies had twins, how exciting is that?
Editing is going quite well. While I read I forget that i'm supposed to be looking for mistakes and end up just reading it for fun. Deleting commas and adding periods becomes very tedious and boring quite fast.
The story itself is quite enthralling. I found myself being really upset after a sad part in the book. The one thing I don't like about writing is I don't ever get to read my novel for the first time. As I read I already know what's going to happen. I no longer have the element of surprise. ANYWAYS, I get a whole lot more out of writing than I do reading, so i'm not going to complain.
I've been listening to Trance music all day which has put me in a rather strange mood.
Well I believe it is quite late so I must head off to bed, and so should you. Have a wonderul day tomorrow... or today.. whatever it is.. I Love you.

<3 Katie Wan.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Today Jake [my little brother] and I decided we'd appreciate the snow. We geared up and trecked out into the front yard to start on our new project. This snow man was one that we decided would be the best. :]. Together he and I rolled up some snow and created our friend Fredrick.
My grandmother live across the street from us so we decided it would be nice to do something nice for her. Jake and I found a big white poster board and wrote on it "We <3 You Grandma." we hung the sign around our friend Fredrick's neck.

ANYWAYS! My mom's birthday is on New Years, so we celebrated her birthday today. We had the whole family over which is always nice. Carsten and Addison [my nephew and neice] ran around the whole time and we watched them. They really are great little kids. Carsten is totally addicted Thomas the tank engine and Addison loves shoes. Appareantly so did I.
Today was full of fun and love. Tomorrow Tyler [my oldest brother. He's in the Marines] he leaves and goes back to North Carolina. It's sad to see him go but he will be back soon. He can't get shipped out again so he just gets to hang out for awhile until July then he's done.
I'm sad that everyone will be leaving soon. Christmas is always a wonderful time for me. Luckily this year, and for every other year until i'm out of school, I don't have to go back to school.
I've been editing my book and I've forgotten why I love it. I'm a fan of the action in it. Is it okay to be a fan of your own book? It's nice to go back and read through it to see where your characters started. Since the sequel there has been a lot of changes and it's nice to see where they started out. They were just babies once. :].
Jen and I are pen palling like it's world war II and i'm in the trenches in France. You know you live in Idaho when the only thing to do is pen pal someone you talk to daily. hehe. I love Jen and i'm glad she goes along with my crazy ideas. I sure do love her.
This week I will be spending time with my friends. I haven't seen many of you lately. This Christmas break I spent with my family. I became addicted to the game Dragon age and well, I remember why I love elves.
So basically what we've discovered today is that I am a complete nerd. It wasn't really a discovery it just kind of stuck out. :].
Well I suppose I should let you all go. If you actually read this, well then thank you. I hope you all had a lovely day and I will see you tomorrow.

<3 Katie Wan.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Resolutions.

Why hello there Blog spot. This year for a new years resolution I have decided to keep a daily blog/Journal. I'm not really sure how well that will go, but hey what's so wrong in trying. This will be my daily Blog that I use, well daily. I figured what's the use in just writing in a journal when everyone else could read it. Anyways, this is it. To start out this year I would like to start with my new year resolutions. Every year I say I'm not going to have any because they never seem to work out. This year they will be written and I can surely look them over daily to be reminded.

1.The first is to Love more. When I was younger loving everyone wasn't that hard, now that i'm older it's become a little more difficult. This year I want to learn to love everyone equally.
2. Become my own person. I thought last year I had myself all figured out, only to be hit with the fact that I was incredibly far off track. I will find myself this year through trial and error just like I have all my life. With this I'm going to learn all that I can and pick up new hobbies. I want to be educated in many different things and learn more. College will be a great experience for me and I will get to learn oh so very much. In the end I will be doing what I love [hopefully].
3. This third one is a little far fetched but it's a resolution. Get my book published. I've never been more passionate about anything in my life. This book has totally encompassed me and my whole life. Everything I do revolves around my writing. Stories are constantly circulating through my mind. I look around me and feed off of everything. If you truly know me you know how dedicated to writing I am. I sleep, breath, and eat writing. I live for my books and I live for stories. My book Silver Lining is the name of it [Yes I finally chose one] It's my most prized posession. Of course not many people will enjoy it due to it's controversial matter [Gay Superhero] I am wonderfully proud of what I have accomplished. I am so proud and people have been so receptive of it that I have started a sequel. ANYWAYS! Getting it published would be a dream come true.. become and rich and famous wouldn't be so bad either. ;].
4. This is probably the resolution I will work the hardes for. Become more active in the fight for Gay Rights. I know that many people don't feel that this is an important resolution. People [especially in idaho] don't believe that gays should have rights at all. I don't believe that way at all. I believe that humans should all be created equal no matter what. Whether it's their race, religion, or sexual orientation. The minute I see people being discriminated against I get rather angry. My best friends are gay most of my friends are gay actually and I want to fight for their rights with all my heart. So I am going to dive head first right into the activism of Gay rights. I hope that some of you realize that great cause this is and join me.

These are my resolutions this year. There aren't many because I know it will take me all year to get close to accomplishing any of them. With your help and my determination I am sure that I will be able to accomplish all of these and more.

Alright, this is my daily blog and well i'm Katie Wan John Silver. Thanks you for reading.

[I sound like I just ended a news show.. AWESOME!]