Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Idea

Have you ever wanted to write a book but you know you aren't good with grammar or things like that? What if I told you that I have the solution.. let me do the work and let you come up with the fabulous ideas.. here's how it's going to be done..

Recently I have gotten this idea about a book. I've been watching this show called I <3 vampires. it's s show where people get to comment and they decide what happens in the next show. I want to take this same idea and incorporate it into a book. At the beginning of the week I will ask a question like.. if you were the main character of a book what would your name be. You guys will give me votes or comments and I will take in those comments and start a chapter with it. For the first few weeks i'll have to start and ask a lot of questions about plot and such but once it's rolling we'll be getting a book going. I think this could be really fun and really great and I will keep a running list of ideas for the book and names of people who give me ideas. that way if this book ends up being awesome we'll go ahead and try and get it published and you will all be given credit for the writing of the book.. you will be published authors. anyways.. I love you guys.. I hope this idea can work if you're up for it! I appreciate all the help and support you're giving to me already. I love you.