Saturday, February 27, 2010


I haven't been on for awhile.
Nothing much has happened realy. I started this really cool story that i'm totally into. It's pretty exciting. I've been putting my book up and such so that's exciting. Uhm. I didn't get to the second round of the competition thing.. It sucks but not really at all. After editing my book for the website i've noticed that it's not nearly ready for publishing yet. There are a few more things that I would like to change and what not. So don't worry about me because it didn't bother me one bit.
Carsten is staying the night tonight. So that means that i've spent the whole night watching Thomas the Tank. haha. It's alright because I enjoy it. I have about 1 million things to do tomorrow. That will be pretty exciting.
I need to edit a little more tonight before I go to bed.
Oh I started working at the elementary school that I used to go to and it's been crazy fun. I go ever morning and full days tuesday and wednesday. It's way exciting and i'm rather enjoying myself. I want to teach kids so bad. I just can't wait until I get the chance. Le sigh. Anyways that's all i've been up to.
No one really talks to me anymore so i don't have any important drama or anything. Actually I have quite a sad life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

This is the new year

So, I need to start getting up early. I need to start working out. and I need to watch every disney show I have in my house before I leave to school. so this is what I have decided.
Starting monday I will watch a disney show early in the morning while working out. That way I get everything done in one shot. So what's a good time to wake up eight? sounds good to me. So Sunday I will not be staying up late any longer. Perhaps with my new energy I will be able to get inspiration in writing.
I need to eat better too. I'll probably make out a time list and give it to my mom so she can keep me on it! I will do that.. Microsoft Excel here I come. :D yay! I love it. I haven't used it in forever.
I shall do that now. I'll color code it and everything. Le sigh. Maybe i'll get back into some sort of shape before school. if I lose 10 pounds I will be happy. Anyways..
I've also decided that I need to get back into acting and singing. So when I go to school i'm going to join the choir that you don't need to audition for. I think i'm going to start singing alto. I dont' think I can sing first soprano any longer.
So idk. Maybe these are like new resolutions. Nah because people dont' keep resolutions (I'm one of those people). So hopefully the disney shows can keep me motivated. haha.

I love you all.
<3 Katie wan.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help me make the music of the night...

I love Pandora. Today I heard the saddest song ever.. again. When she loved me from Toy story 2. Probably the saddest song EVAR! THEN! I heard David cook sing music of the night.. Oh my goodness. I think I fell in love with him all over again.

Listen to it. AMAZING!
Anyways. It was rather fabulous. I watched men's figure skating on the olympics tonight. It was a whole lot of fun. One of the skaters skated to Phantom music. I picked him to win until the American guy came up then I rooted for him. But still. I basically love Phantom I guess. haha. ^^ really listen to it. FABULOUS!
Well that's basically all I have! Tomorrow is friday. Thank goodness. Maybe i'll take Jake and Kaycee to see New Moon. It's tradition. haha.
Anyways I love you all!
Have a good night.

<3 Katie Wan.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ear love.

This is so totally random but you should know.:

Ray LaMontagne is the best singer ever! I mean his voice is like sweet chocolately liquid running through my ears. Mmm. Nothing can even describe. I was telling my good friend John that his voice is the soundtrack of my life. If he sang the worst song ever written I wouldn't care. He would somehow make it sound like an angel is singing. :D. I wish I had some of his albums. Suck man. Anyways.. He's the greatest thing.
If you haven't heard him I really recommend it. He's the best thing ever..
ANYWAYS! That's what you should know.
CJ Holverson's voice (boy from IF) totally remind me of Ray.. That's probably why I enjoy hearing him sing so much. hehe. :D. If i ever make a movie they both will be on the soundtrack. Yay.

<3 Katie Wan.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I don't understand what I do.. I mean i'm not a bad friend am I? But how can every single one of my friends stop talking to me all at the same time? I mean my BEST friends.. There's NO ONE! Nothing.. I've never been very lucky with friends.. no one who ever seemed to want to stick around. It just sucks.. I try. I try very hard to make and keep friends. People don't realize how much I actually do try. It's not easy for me to just randomly befriend people. It's especially not easy for me to open up to someone. ESPECIALLY because every seems to just up and leave with me. I've been having the feeling that perhaps I wasn't ever meant to have friends. Perhaps I never will have friends. Maybe i'll get married.. but that's not looking up either. and I know everyone's going to read tihs.. haha did I just say that everyone reads my blog. HAHAHAHAH! that was funny. But I mean when you read this you're going to think or say something along the lines. You don't know what's in store for you. or I"m your friend Katie. Or don't be in such a rush.. I've heard it.. I've listened.. but I know myself probably better than you.. I know my life better than you and i KNOW what is going on. Friends suck. Family rules and well that's what i'm sticking with. I think i'll cut myself off from the outside world until I leave for school. No more friends No more text messaging unless it's family. I"m just sick of trying to be good to someone only to get it slapped in my face OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.. and YOU!
Oh you.. you have better know how incredibly hurt I am by you.. I poured my soul out to you. told you things I have never told anyone in my life.. and this is how you repay me? I've never told anyone things I told you.. NO ONE! I can't believe that you would call me your best friend.. I can't believe you would dare to say i'll always be in life and then completely cut me out of it. I don't think i've ever felt so hurt by anyone.. "Nothing comes between friends, especially fences" -budweiser commercial from the superbowl. I just.. I don't know I don't see how something that could be put before me.
Some people's children..
I"m just upset and mad
if you don't hear from me ever again..
read this freaking blog and think about what you've done.

I don't love you all.. Only some of you tonight. <3

Katie Wan.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm All Shook Up...

Alright so last night was probably the best night of my life. My family and I went to see an elvis impersonator. I am a huge fanatic for elvis. Anything about him I love him.. ecspecially people who look and sing like him. anyways my parents got us all tickets for Valentines day. WEll we went and had the best time EVER! Jake and I sat in the front row and got our ear drums blasted out. We screamed and ran to the front. Jake got me a lei.. lea.. idk those hawaiian things. haha. I bought him a tag thing and the Elvis guy (Ryan Pelton..) signed it for us. He is probably my newest and biggest crush. Anyways here are some pictures.

This Me, Jake, and Ryan Pelton (Elvis)<3 <3 <3

Anyways it was the best night of my life and nothing will ever compare.. at least for awhile. haha. I have the best family and the greatest little brother. :D. Just so you all know your brothers don't compare to mine. haha. I love you all.
Sleep well and safely.

<3 Katie Wan.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Na na na

So.. I think I have another story for writing.
Not sure though. We'll see how it goes. :S.
I have no life..
Uhmm. Yeah. :D
That's basically all I have.

<3 Katie Wan.

Monday, February 08, 2010

My Love For You Is So Strong..

Hello everyone.
I'm incredibly bored. I had an alright day. I'm just tired of being stuck here.. I mean like.. I can't do anything. It's kinda boring. Idk. I've become rather good at Dragon Age. hah.
Today Carsten called and asked if I would take him to Planet 51. so tomorrow that is what he and I are going to do. It should be fun. I enjoy taking him out. He's my BFF. hahaha. You know you're sad when your best friend is your little 3 year old nephew. hehe. He's my life though. I don't think I could live without him.
Saturday there's a primary activity so we get to go to that. Yay. I'm so very excited about that. He gets to decorate a cookie and make valentines. HE's such a little sweet heart.
I mean nothing compares to the love I have for him. You guys probably think i'm crazy. haha. It seems all I ever talk about is Carsten and Writing. Well yeah. I love lots of other stuff like My family, Music, Movies, Swimming. My family knows I love them.. so does music. haha. It's just my life seems to revolve around Writing and Carsten. He's the best little thing on the planet. I love him and Writing so much i've combined the two. Carsten is in my book. His name isn't Carsten. In fact it's Dallon. but that's the only place they differ. For most of the story Dallon is in Thomas the Tank pajamas.. or Pa Jay Jay's like jake says. I like Pa Jay Jay's better. haha.
Idk.. Carsten just showed up at the exact right time. I was 15 and completely lost. If there was one year I would go and take back that would be it. That was the darkest and hardes time of my life. I'm surprised I even got out. When I was just about to give up he came along. I can remember perfectly the first time I held that little tiny body. It was the first time i'd held a baby. The first time i'd been in a hospital room. The first time I truly fell in love. When that little guy opened his eyes I knew that he would always be a part of me. :D. I vowed from that day forward I would do anything to be his favorite aunt and be the best aunt.
I've always wanted to be the aunt that they can run to. Someone they can trust and confide in when their parents just don't seem to understand. I never had that I always just had to let it fester inside of me. Hmmph. I don't know. Anyways I love the kid very much and I would give up my life for him. :D.

<3 Katie Wan.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

well i've already falied at one of my resolutions.. Whoops. Whatevs.
Yesterday I went and saw Avatar. Here is what I think. Fabulous acting. Fabulous effedct. Fabulous emotion and all that stuff.. Music.. James Horner branch out a little bud. Story.. not so much. I mean it was pretty good.
But over all.. after another look at it could possibly become one of my favorites. It was very uplifting and happy inside. I would recommend everyone seeing it. There were a couple parts in it where I was goin.. wtf. but I do that in most every movie. :D. hehe. Anyways..
Congrats Saints on the win. Although it would've been nice to see Hank and Peyton win.. buuuut. You can't always get what you want. I enjoy the superbowl very much. Sometimes it's more fun that christmas. :D. haha. I'm a little weird. The contest started today.. excited? haha. Anyways we'll see how that goes.
Carsten is the cutest little thing ever. we got him all day today. Even during the superbowl. He watched it for awhile until he got in troulbe for touching the TV too many times.. Now there are sticking fingers all over the plasma screen. Yuck. I'll probably cleen those tomorrow.
Tomorrow carsten will be here.. Probably all day.. like always. Hmmph. Idk. I'm a little tired but not really at all. I want to watch star wars or alexander or something. I'm pretty bored.. maybe I should write something. haha. New names and characters for the book; Dallon Landon and Malachi. :D. There will be plenty others dont' you worry.
I was figuring out the end of one of my stories within the book. (There's three different POV's throughout the book.) anyways I was thinking about the end of the David Zane story and I almost cried. :'( Sad panda. We'll see how that works out. I'm pretty positive that's the way it's going to end.
I'm really excited for this one. There's battles and wars and explosions.. idk. It's pretty exciting. I've written like 8 pages. wow i'm so far. hahaha. Idk. I should probably write. that's probably more important than watching TV huh?
Well anyways i've written enough of nothing now.
I hope you all had a fantabulous superbowl sunday. Hope your team won.. Oh and hey.. how come there is not arrows on the key board that face down there's << >> ^^.. why no down.. Sad day man.
Anyways.. idk. I Love you all. I'm sorry I say anyways a lot.

<3 Katie Wan.

Friday, February 05, 2010


How are all of you tonight? I hope you're totally good. :D. haha don't ask. I'm really bored. There's not much going on. I'm still trying to get inspired to write something. I hate these times where I have so many stories inside my head and don't know how to get them out. :S hmmph. IDK. IT's pretty crazy. I think I ate too many suckers tonight.. Blah.. Oh wait.. No I had milk today.. that is why I don't feel well. I should really keep track of that. Uhm. Oh wow the contest officially starts tomorrow.. Excited? I kind of am. haha. Time passes fast when all you do is watch Youtube all day. :D I must admit I have seen some pretty funny stuff.. so i'm not complaining. haha. Ray William Johnson is pretty funny and keeps me updated on the newest videos. Idk.. His Breaking NYC channel's pretty cool too.
I've become addicted to People's Vlogs. I guess i'm living my life through theirs now.. haha how sad am I. Maybe i'll start vlogging. Jake and I decided that we need to really record our drives home because they're pretty epic and we come up with some of the best dance moves ever. Perhaps we will actually do that.. Be on the look out for mine and jakes's vlogs. :D. haha. Who knows. It could be very interesting. People probably wouldn't watch them. But oh well. haha.
Well I"m glad to have people like you.. you like.. five people.. is that how many followers I have? Idk I don't remember. WEll you're my favs. haha. I LOVE YOU ALL!

<3 Katie Wan.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I love youtube. Just so you know.
Today Carsten and I went to the Library.. which was good. I got Craig Ferguson's book. It was pretty dang fun. We also went and got Thomas the Tank Movies. They're the best ever! haha.
John Stewart is super cute. :D hahaa.
I saw shadowbox again and it was fabulous tonight. :D Nice work buddies.
That's basically all I have to say..
OH HOW COULD I FORGET! I signed up for that contest today.. :S Nerve wracking. I don't know how well i'll do.. but you know.. doesn't hurt to try. :D. Idk. I guess Shadowbox got to me.. If i'm dying it must mean i'm still alive.. Probably the best thing ever. I need to be more out and working harder. I don't know.. we'll see

I love you all.
<3 Katie Wan.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Excited much?

I've decided to enter my book into Amazon's breakthrough novel award contest. :S.. Crazy. haha. I really just want to get my idea out there even if I don't win. Who knows what will happen? Anyways for it I have to write a 300 word pitch.. :S.. I think I went over 300.. lets check. 361 words.. I think that should be okay?
Anyways I'm going to be turning it in either tonight or tomorrow. So i thought I would post it so you could let me know.. :S hehe. Alright. :D

"A Silver Lining by Kaitlin Martin

In a world of superheroes can a human survive? Collin Hanks an average teenager finds himself completely engulfed in the superhero life style.
While walking home late one night Collin finds himself trapped and pleading for his life. Within seconds he is saved by Miami’s most popular hero, Phoenix Oreson. Phoenix Oreson is part of the famous Oreson Family. Larsen Oreson, a large and respected man, has protected the City of Miami for decades. After the betrayal of his oldest son Ryder Oreson, Phoenix is now by his side. Phoenix, or “Wonder boy” to Collin, has a secret no one knows.
After Collin’s father leaves and his mother quickly moves on Collin finds himself completely lost in the world. Phoenix again comes to his rescue. Whisking him off of his feet and soaring through the air. Once the two are grounded Phoenix bears his soul. Two tiny words can change so much. As Collin begins to realize what he’s gotten into his world is completely flipped upside down. Everything he has ever known seems to fall out straight from underneath his feet. Can Collin really adapt to such a high speed and adventurous daily life?
After a long year of self discovery and deep love Phoenix leaves, completely abandoning Collin. Death and betrayal soon follow causing Collin to turn into something he isn’t. The loss proves too immense for him as he tries to take his own life. Unexpectedly another hero comes to town just in time to save Collin from leaping off the edge of a building. Rylan Khorry, a young doctor who seems to be hiding many things. He saves Collin’s life and gets him put back together. Through their time together a whole new world is exposed to Collin. A world that seemed to be lurking in the shadows is now exposed. Soon a dark creature begins to threaten the happiness Collin has now found, someone who knows a little too much. In the end Collin must find the strength to save all that he loves.
Through trials, loss, and love Collin soon realizes that in every cloud there’s A Silver Lining."

Anyways that's that. I hope you read this. :S.. Goodness i'm excited. :D

<3 Katie Wan.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Before you get mad I must ask.. Does anyone even read this? haha. I don't care.. but I've missed the past few days. WHOOOOPS! anyways.. The past few days haven't been very eventful. It snowed a lot and i'm not happy with that. :S.
Jake and I watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" last night. :D haha. We had a good time. I sure do miss him. We didn't finish it. We got to thriller and realized it was time to go to bed. I'm sure we'll find a time to watch it another time.
I've spent my days playing video games or watching videos. Wow i'm very awesome. Did I tell you I started a new campaign on Dragon Age.. This time I fell in love with Zevran. I forgave him for trying to kill me. :D. It's been quite exciting. I started Mass Effect today and got really confused to I think i'll wait for jake to get home and explain it for me. :S. haha.
He and I have been playing Lego Rock Band like.. every day. :D. haha. It's probably one of the best games ever. If you love Rock band then you def need to get Lego rock band. It has some of the coolest songs on there. It has a Jackson 5 song. I mean how cool is that. :D. I love Michael Jackson.
Do you know who else I love? Obama. He gives me hope. He makes america Okay to live in again. Under bush I almost killed myself. Gaaah. I was always feeling frustrated. But now with Obama there is relief. haha. Idk. i'm kind of nuts.. and he's hot. so that's a pluuuus!
Well that's basically all i've been up to. Nothing too exciting.
I love you all.

<3 Katie Wan.