Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This is It

So it’s that wonderful time of year again when I remember how horrible I did on my resolutions. Let’s take a look from the 12 from 2012: 

1. Run a marathon (BAHAHA who was I kidding?)
2. Write an entire novel (DID IT!)
3. Be on Glee (Once again, who was I kidding?)
4. Keep a 3.0 in School (Did It!)
5. Knit until my hands don’t work anymore (Carpal Tunnel is awesome)
6. Write every day 30 things I am thankful for. (Didn’t even last a day)
7. Write in my bog every day (HAHA)
8. Read something every day (I did do that.)
9. Make more videos (I think I made 1)
10. Learn to crochet (Slightly)
11. Have “meatless Monday” for at least a month (I did go a long time without eating meat so I am counting it)
12. Be famous (which includes meeting Alan Rickman, Ian Axel, Chris Colfer and many many more..) [I met Ian Axel and he wants to read my book. I figure that is good enough!]

So, It’s time to make another list. Oh heavens. Let’s see what 13 resolutions I won’t accomplish this year.
1. Keep a 3.0 in school
2. Go to Vegas to see everyone in my family
3. Make a complete and detailed bucket list
4. Graduate from College!
5. Be healthier
6. Make new friends
7. Fall in love
8. Complete 20 things on my Bucket List
9. Go to VidCon
10. Meet Ian Axel again!
11. Write a song
12. Finish the Silver Lining Series
13. Change a life.

Well I will see you all next year to see what I accomplished!

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